Saturday, May 10, 2014

Film Noir 202

Shining some light on essential American film noirs. How many have you seen?
1Double Indemnity1944Billy Wilder
2Scarlet Street1945Fritz Lang
3Gun Crazy1950Joseph H. Lewis
4The Big Heat1953Fritz Lang
5Sunset Boulevard1950Billy Wilder
6The Maltese Falcon1941John Huston
7In a Lonely Place1950Nicholas Ray
8Touch of Evil1958Orson Welles
9Mildred Pierce1945Michael Curtiz
10Ace in the Hole1951Billy Wilder
11Shadow of a Doubt1943Alfred Hitchcock
12The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton
13Strangers on a Train1951Alfred Hitchcock
14Night and the City1950Jules Dassin
15Notorious1946Alfred Hitchcock
16Nightmare Alley1947Edmund Goulding
17The Asphalt Jungle1950John Huston
18The Stranger1946Orson Welles
19The Big Sleep1946Howard Hawks
20Gilda1946Charles Vidor
21Kiss Me Deadly1955Robert Aldrich
22White Heat1949Raoul Walsh
23The Killing1956Stanley Kubrick
24Murder, My Sweet1944Edward Dmytryk
25Out of the Past1947Jacques Tourneur
26The Window1949Ted Tetzlaff
27Sweet Smell of Success1957Alexander Mackendrick
28The Prowler1951Joseph Losey
29Pickup on South Street1953Samuel Fuller
30On Dangerous Ground1952Nicholas Ray
31The Lineup1958Don Siegel
32The Sniper1952Edward Dmytryk
33The Big Combo1955Joseph H. Lewis
34Body and Soul1947Robert Rossen
35Key Largo1948John Huston
36Laura1944Otto Preminger
37The Lady from Shanghai1947Orson Welles
38Sudden Fear1952David Miller
39Panic in the Streets1950Elia Kazan
40The Big Clock1948John Farrow
41The Killers1946Robert Siodmak
42This Gun for Hire1942Frank Tuttle
43Whirlpool1949Otto Preminger
44Nightfall1957Jacques Tourneur
45Angel Face1952Otto Preminger
46The Strange Love of Martha Ivers1946Lewis Milestone
47Sorry, Wrong Number1948Anatole Litvak
48Criss Cross1949Robert Siodmak
49Phantom Lady1944Robert Siodmak
50Detour1945Edgar G. Ulmer
51T-Men1947Anthony Mann
52The Glass Key1942Stuart Heisler
53Border Incident1949Anthony Mann
54No Way Out1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
55Illegal1955Lewis Allen
56New York Confidential1955Russell Rouse
57Ride the Pink Horse1947Robert Montgomery
58Odds Against Tomorrow1959Robert Wise
59Nora Prentiss1947Vincent Sherman
60Kiss of Death1947Henry Hathaway
61Crossfire1947Edward Dmytryk
62City of Fear1959Irving Lerner
63Cat People1942Jacques Tourneur
64I Walked with a Zombie1943Jacques Tourneur
65Pushover1954Richard Quine
66Walk Softly, Stranger1950Robert Stevenson
67Act of Violence1948Fred Zinnemann
68The Racket1951John Cromwell
69Hell's Half Acre1954John H. Auer
70Chicago Calling1951John Reinhardt
71Mystery Street1950John Sturges
72Caged1950John Cromwell
73Kansas City Confidential1952Phil Karlson
74The Third Man1949Carol Reed
75D.O.A.1950Rudolph Maté
76Road House1948Jean Negulesco
77Too Late for Tears1949Byron Haskin
78The Narrow Margin1952Richard Fleischer
79The Devil Thumbs a Ride1947Felix E. Feist
80Thieves' Highway1949Jules Dassin
81The Chase1946Arthur Ripley
82Cape Fear1962J. Lee Thompson
83The Blue Dahlia1946George Marshall
84Where the Sidewalk Ends1950Otto Preminger
85Scandal Sheet1952Phil Karlson
86Suddenly1954Lewis Allen
87The Blue Gardenia1953Fritz Lang
88Fallen Angel1945Otto Preminger
89Alias Nick Beal1949John Farrow
90Conflict1945Curtis Bernhardt
91Brute Force1947Jules Dassin
92City That Never Sleeps1953John H. Auer
93Shock1946Alfred L. Werker
9499 River Street1953Phil Karlson
95They Live by Night1948Nicholas Ray
96Cry of the City1948Robert Siodmak
97High Wall1947Curtis Bernhardt
98The Phenix City Story1955Phil Karlson
99The File on Thelma Jordon1950Robert Siodmak
100Roadblock1951Harold Daniels
101The Set-Up1949Robert Wise
102The Postman Always Rings Twice1946Tay Garnett
103711 Ocean Drive1950Joseph M. Newman
104Without Warning!1952Arnold Laven
105He Walked by Night1948Alfred L. Werker
106Possessed1947Curtis Bernhardt
107The Woman in the Window1944Fritz Lang
108Raw Deal1948Anthony Mann
109Tomorrow Is Another Day1951Felix E. Feist
110The Threat1949Felix E. Feist
111He Ran All the Way1951John Berry
112The Enforcer1951Bretaigne Windust
113Impact1949Arthur Lubin
114The Hitch-Hiker1953Ida Lupino
115Born to Kill1947Robert Wise
116Dark City1950William Dieterle
117The Locket1946John Brahm
118The Underworld Story1950Cy Endfield
119Hoodlum Empire1952Joseph Kane
120Union Station1950Rudolph Maté
121Cry Vengeance1954Mark Stevens
122Hollow Triumph1948Steve Sekely
123Pitfall1948André De Toth
124Blast of Silence1961Allen Baron
125Woman in Hiding1950Michael Gordon
126Desperate1947Anthony Mann
127Cry Danger1951Robert Parrish
128Beyond a Reasonable Doubt1956Fritz Lang
129Bodyguard1948Richard Fleischer
130The Reckless Moment1949Max Ophüls
131Johnny O'Clock1947Robert Rossen
132My Name Is Julia Ross1945Joseph H. Lewis
133The Man Who Cheated Himself1950Felix E. Feist
134Moonrise1948Frank Borzage
135Hangover Square1945John Brahm
136Leave Her to Heaven1945John M. Stahl
137Cause for Alarm!1951Tay Garnett
138Side Street1949Anthony Mann
139Appointment with Danger1951Lewis Allen
140Caught1949Max Ophüls
141Crime Wave1954André De Toth
142Ministry of Fear1944Fritz Lang
143Human Desire1954Fritz Lang
144The Damned Don't Cry1950Vincent Sherman
145Detective Story1951William Wyler
146High Tide1947John Reinhardt
147The Brothers Rico1957Phil Karlson
148Tension1949John Berry
149The Killer Is Loose1956Budd Boetticher
150The Dark Mirror1946Robert Siodmak
151Quicksand1950Irving Pichel
152I Walk Alone1947Byron Haskin
153The Killer That Stalked New York1950Earl McEvoy
154Female on the Beach1955Joseph Pevney
155The Woman on the Beach1947Jean Renoir
156The Las Vegas Story1952Robert Stevenson
157The Desperate Hours1955William Wyler
158Split Second1953Dick Powell
159Storm Fear1955Cornel Wilde
160Pursued1947Raoul Walsh
161Decoy1946Jack Bernhard
162Trapped1949Richard Fleischer
163Where Danger Lives1950John Farrow
164Railroaded!1947Anthony Mann
165Follow Me Quietly1949Richard Fleischer
166Destiny1944Reginald Le Borg
167Strange Impersonation1946Anthony Mann
168Woman on the Run1950Norman Foster
169Private Hell 361954Don Siegel
170Armored Car Robbery1950Richard Fleischer
171Shack Out on 1011955Edward Dein
172The Naked City1948Jules Dassin
173The Crooked Way1949Robert Florey
174I Want to Live!1958Robert Wise
175Murder by Contract1958Irving Lerner
176The Killer That Stalked New York1950Earl McEvoy
177The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry1945Robert Siodmak
178Big House, U.S.A.1955Howard W. Koch
179Flesh and Fantasy1943Julien Duvivier
180Killer's Kiss1955Stanley Kubrick
181Shield for Murder1954Howard W. Koch, Edmond O'Brien
182Clash by Night1952Fritz Lang
183Southside 1-10001950Boris Ingster
184The Price of Fear1956Abner Biberman
185Murder Is My Beat1955Edgar G. Ulmer
186Dark Passage1947Delmer Daves
187When Strangers Marry1944William Castle
188Dial 11191950Gerald Mayer
189Deadline - U.S.A.1952Richard Brooks
1905 Against the House1955Phil Karlson
191Boomerang!1947Elia Kazan
192M1951Joseph Losey
193A Woman's Secret1949Nicholas Ray
194The Tattooed Stranger1950Edward Montagne
195The Guilty1947John Reinhardt
196Hidden Fear1957André De Toth
197Fall Guy1947Reginald Le Borg
198Born to Be Bad1950Nicholas Ray
199The Big Steal1949Don Siegel
200Blonde Ice1948Jack Bernhard
201His Kind of Woman1951John Farrow
202Lady in the Lake1947Robert Montgomery


  1. Great list Eric, love to see them all

  2. Thanks for having this page! We are a boutique production team passionate about Film Noir, Comedy and Neo Noir. We have created our first, which will be an episodic series of short film featuring our character/heroine, Vivian Lang. I hope you care to watch ... enjoy.

  3. I added (5) titles since my last update, noted with the "NEW" tag to the right. Also moved up NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950) based on my appreciation of it in its new Criterion Blu-ray edition.

  4. Added (7) film noirs ("NEW") since my last update, and have rearranged some titles based on my impression after recent viewings.

  5. Updated to include (3) new titles:
    105 He Ran All the Way (1951) John Berry
    144 The Dark Mirror (1946) Robert Siodmak
    146 Female on the Beach (1955) Joseph Pevney

  6. Updated to include:
    146 The Killer Is Loose (1956) Budd Boetticher
    174 Shield for Murder (1954) Howard W. Koch, Edmond O'Brien
    Also rethought the top 25 a little bit.

  7. Updated to include:
    132 Moonrise (1948) Frank Borzage
    150 I Walk Alone (1947) Byron Haskin

  8. Updated to include:
    128 Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956) Fritz Lang
    133 The Man Who Cheated Himself (1950) Felix E. Feist

  9. Updated to include:
    153 The Killer That Stalked New York (1950) Earl McEvoy
    162 Trapped (1949) Richard Fleischer